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Becker’s all new “Best in Class” range of oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps with 8 compact models have the fastest pump down times in direct comparison. Ultimate pressures of <0.1mbar, high efficiency IE3 motors, and MAP (O2, N2 etc.) variants available.

Each pump includes an oil filter for long oil service life, plus smooth surfaces for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning. The vacuum pump configuration with a single shaft and direct drive results in a sturdy and durable unit with low maintenance and running costs.

A non-return valve and efficient oil separation are integrated into each vacuum pump. A float valve reliably regulates the return oil intake, even in high pressure ranges. A gas ballast valve (as standard from U 5.70 and with increased volumetric flow as an option) prevents the condensation of steam as far as possible.

The gas ballast lets a measured amount of fresh air enter the compression chamber. By mixing saturated intake air with unsaturated fresh air, condensing is kept to a minimum. In addition, the protective cover supplied as standard minimises noise emissions.

An optional water cooling system allows the pump to be operated in higher ambient temperatures or with higher intake temperatures; the service life of the lubricant is also significantly increased. A wide range of accessories complements the pump, making it ideal for various tasks.

Becker packs in the most efficiency. Chances are we have higher m3/h per kW than the pumps you are using now. That’s value, because faster pump-down means higher productivity.

To download the brochure showing the sizes and technical specifications of the new Series 5 Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps, please click here.

The highlights of series O 5 and of series U 5
3 compact model sizes from 4.0 to 9.6 m³/h 8 compact model sizes from 70 to 780 m³/h
Small dimensions, low weight and easy to install Easy to install
Gas ballast valve (from O 5.6) for ultimate pressures of 3.0 mbar absolute Fastest pump-down times in comparison
O 5.4 and O 5.8 specially developed for the requirements of packaging systems Integrated gas ballast valve, optional 3 mbar absolute
O 5.6 with especially sturdy construction for the widest range of general industry requirements Highly efficient cooling allows operation without heat exchanger (U 5.70 & U 5.100)
Available with numerous motor versions for worldwide use Lower installed motor power in direct comparison
Highly efficient air/oil separator element for most effective oil separation Efficiency class IE3 motors as standard
Ideally suited for vacuum packaging of foodstuffs (meat, fish, cold meats, cheese…) Version for protective atmosphere packaging available (O2, N2)
Oil reservoir with two-stage oil separation
Highly efficient air/oil separator element for most effective oil separation Oil filter for long oil service life Smooth surfaces for quick and hygienic cleaning
Ideally suited for vacuum packaging of foodstuffs (meat, fish, cold meats, cheese…)
Extended characteristic diagram and functionality as an option through VARIAIR control technology in various model sizes
U5. MAPACK (MAP, Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
Model Number max. suction air rate [m3/h] 50Hz max. vacuum [mbar abs.] 50Hz max. motor capacity [KW] 50Hz
O 5.4 420.1
O 5.6 6.4 30.3
O 5.8 820.35
U 4.20 18<1 0.55
U 4.40 410.5 1.5
U 5.70 70<0.1 1.5
U 5.100 100<0.1 2.2
U 5.165 165<0.1 3.0
U 5.200 200<0.1 4.0
U 4.250 SA/K 24437.8
U 4.250 F/K 2440.5 7.8
U 4.300 3000.5 7.5
U 5.300* 3000.1 tba
U 4.400 SA/K 435311
U 4.400 F/K 4350.5 11
U 5.400* 4000.1 tba
U 5.500* 5000.1 tba
U 4.630 SA/K 624315
U 4.630 F/K 6240.5 15
U 5.650* 6500.1 tba

* These models are to be released soon. Contact our office for details.