Variair Unit 100% Oil Free Screw Compressors

Dry operation Sound enclosure standard
2.1 speed regulation Variable speed controlled
Direct drive – No drive transmission 100% Oil Free

Driven directly by an integrated frequency inverter, these pumps no longer require any drive transmission. The area in which the units work is 100% oil-free. The integrated speed governor optimises the use of energy by matching delivery to actual demand. This creates high efficiency levels and minimises energy consumption. Suction air remains pulsation-free all of the time.

Various accessories, such as intake filter, non-return valve, sound absorbers as well as the air delivery and discharge system, are integrated in the completely soundproof cover structure.



VADS 1500+
1230 m³/h max.
+ 1.0 bar rel.

Model Number Open Flow (m3/h) Vacuum (mbar) Motor (kW) Download (PDF)
VADS 1500 1422 +1000 45 view
All figures are maximums at 167Hz unless stated. mbars are absolute.


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