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CENTRAL SYSTEMSCentral vacuum systems are becoming increasingly more popular as manufacturers are looking for new ways to trim operating expenses and increase efficiency. Centralising the vacuum needs eliminates the necessity for personnel to perform periodic maintenance or repair on myriad pumps around the facility.
It also permits continuous, uninterrupted operation because a central system usually includes a reserve, or back-up, pump that comes on stream automatically should a primary pump fail to operate. Without a central system, should a pump fail or be down for maintenance, the machine associated with it would be out of service until another pump can be brought in and connected.
Centralising also makes it more comfortable for the employees, an ever increasing concern in today’s business world. Removing pumps from the immediate work area reduces noise level and heat generated by the pumps and motors.

Becker’s VariAir Variable Speed Drive Vacuum Pumps in a Sound Proofed Cabinet Centralised System

Traditional Receiver Tank

Traditional Receiver Tank Mounted Centralised Vacuum Pump System

Direct Suction Centralised Vacuum Pump

Direct Suction Centralised Vacuum Pump Rack Mounted System

Space Saving Rack Mounted Centralised Vacuum Pump

Space Saving Rack Mounted Centralised Vacuum Pump System

Rack Mounted Systems

Rack Mounted Systems allow for modular designs with extra pumps easily added.

Centralised Vacuum Pump System

Centralised Vacuum Pump System In A Sound Proof Cabinet c/w Extraction Fans To Keep System Cool

Two separate two pump systems

Two separate two pump systems on one rack with one controller.

Becker Pumps Australia have been building Centralised Suction (Vacuum) Systems for many years and has specialised in the health care industry manufacturing Medical and Dental Suction Systems to meet the highest of standards as required under their respective Australian Standards.

Whether you require a simple on and off switch and the pumps mounted on a horizontal receiver tank, or something as smart as a lead/lag system with the requirement to have equal running hours for each pump, energy savings via variable speed drives, reserve pumps, or points of contact for external alarms notifying you of low vacuum levels, Becker Pumps Australia can work with you to design a centralised vacuum system that will best suit your needs.

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