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A series of pumps with a 20,000 hour guarantee



Becker’s Patented Intelligent Variable Speed Drive


Pneumatic technology of the Becker brand is worldwide a synonym for precisely dosed, smooth industrial processes in many industrial sectors. For application areas with high requirements, as they are common for example in the electronics industries, Becker now offers a new vacuum pump product line: the Series X.

With this special development [suitable for the application], Becker extends its popular VT/KVT/VTLF product range by the models VX, KVX and VXLF.Equipped with completely newly developed vanes, these oil-free rotary vane pumps distinguish themselves by high abrasion resistance and with that extremely long service lives. And since no dust develops where there is virtually no wear, the devices of the Series X are perfectly suited for precision processes under clean room conditions.

The latest innovation branded by Becker is outstanding not only because of its 100 percent oil-free operation, excellent degree of efficiency and low power consumption. In the area of sensitive vacuum, Series X also guarantees precise low-pulsation air conduction. Becker guarantees for these pumps a vane life-time of 20,000 operating hours or max. 3 years. A guarantee for a top technology with the following advantages:

  • quick, clean, quiet
  • oil-free
  • vibration stable
  • wear resistant
  • energy saving
  • long-life reliable

An additional reliability plus is the on-site service by Becker in case of need. Exchange installations and the down-times associated with that are no longer an issue any more.




VARIAIR – Intelligent air supply or the automation of air

Vacuum pumps and Compressors are directly operated by a frequency controlled motor and are therefore matching exactly the customer’s requirements. The times of complicated and expensive energy wasting air regulation using throttle-valves or by-pass valves is over. The “automation of air” leads to higher production output, expensive make ready times can be dramatically shortened.

This interplay of ideas and precision constitutes Becker’s lead – a lead that lasts! Variable output profiles through automatic demand matching..

Revolutionary developments are now entering uncharted territory. New ideas are putting a completely different aspect on traditional findings. VARIAIR will make you see pumps in a new light and discover quality factors previously unknown. So, just forget everything you know about pumps.

So far it has only been possible to define the output parameters of pumps with a definite characteristic curve. VARIAIR is venturing into a new dimension. Specific output parameters can now be altered and maintained absolutely constant. In turn, the air supply is regulated automatically in line with the levels demanded by users connected the system – to suit the application in hand and match the actual air requirement.

This produces characteristic fields that ensure maximum variability and the greatest possible range of application in terms of volume flow and pressure differential:

For example
V0 = konst. or
Dp = konst.

In specific terms, this means: each user is provided at all times with exactly the quantity of air that it effectively requires for a particular work operation – no more and no less. Automatically matching air supply to demand in this way is opening up whole new perspectives for

  • a wide range of applications
  • high, optimised output power
  • variable system configurations

Electronic output control continuously adjusts consumption within a programmed “output corridor” in just fractions of a second.

True to the saying “time is money”, Our VARIAIR technology will help you save time and drastically increase the your output. For the customer, this means:

  • higher machine efficiency
  • effective cuts in energy costs
  • maximum plant availability.

less wastage.
With defined pressure and vacuum processes, VARIAIR systems allow you to shorten set-up times radically. Time-consuming air settings based heavily on empirical values, e.g. when changing orders, are no longer necessary. This is the result of an integrated database with its reproducible, optimised air data that can be retrieved any time at the press of a button.

Interfaces also permit networking of any kind. This makes VARIAIR extremely flexible in the way it can be used:

  • separate units
  • systems
  • pump stations
  • central systems

We have been making the most of air for decades. And now with VARIAIR – in countless application areas where high-performance air supply is an important factor in production.


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