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Claw Vacuum Pumps

Claw vacuum pumps are 100% free of oil and contact during operation. To achieve this, the claw-like rotors rotate within the compression chamber in opposite directions without contact. A synchronisation gearbox ensures the synchronisation of the claw rotors. The claw technology ensures a high degree of efficiency and low power consumption. At the same time, very little maintenance is required.

Integrated air cooling provides low operating temperatures. A sound insulation especially designed for claw pumps helps to keep noise levels extremely low and comfortable.

The air filtration known from other models is integrated as standard. Thanks to the transparent filter covers, a visual status check is possible without having to open the pump first. Outstandingly large filter surfaces extend the service life considerably and help to ensure low-maintenance operation.

Sizes 150 and 300 additionally feature an integrated pressure relief valve.

The drive of the claw pumps is realised via efficient IE3 motors, which are available with various voltage ratings and ensure that the application is possible worldwide.

This makes claw vacuum pumps from Becker the highly efficient and economical solution for multiple applications.