Side Channel Compressors

Using “multi-stage” compression, side channel vacuum pumps generate low-pulsation suction air. Perfected impeller design with curved blades guarantees Optimum efficiency. Separation of the compression chambers on both sides of the impeller permits single-stage, twin-flow as well as two-stage, single-flow operation with only one impeller.

Vacuum filter and vacuum safety valve can be integrated as an optional extra in the patented design of the sound absorbers. The sound absorbers can be varied in length, affording flexible adjustment to available installation space.

To download the brochure showing the sizes and technical specifications of the Side Channel Vacuum Pumps, please click here. Individual data sheets for each size are available below.

BECKER GAS-TIGHT BLOWERS AND COMPONENTS FOR PREMIUM-QUALITY 3D METAL PRINTING: Additive Manufacturing offers huge potential and possibilities, while specifications are evermore demanding. In an optimized manufacturing process for high quality industrial metal 3D-printing, the gas recirculation and pneumatic conveying under inert conditions should meet the same high level requirements. Opt for gas-tight blowers and heat
exchangers in your Additive Manufacturing machines.

For more information about gas-tight blowers and heat exchangers for the Additive Manufacturing applications, please click here.