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Becker for Vacuum PackagingPackaging

Vacuum Sealing or Carton Erecting

Still packaging with the same old pumps? Step up to the most modern, compact, highly efficient, and quiet pumps available today.

Becker packs in the most efficiency. Chances are we have higher m3/h per kW than the pumps you are using now. That’s value, because faster pump-down means higher productivity.

Becker packs in the most compactness. In fact, they require about 20% less volume than the most common pump used today. That’s value, because space is always at a premium.

Becker packs in the most serviceability. We’ll bet our pumps are easier to service than your current pumps. That’s value, especially if you perform your own maintenance.

Becker packs in the most experience. Few companies have Becker’s vacuum experience. We’ve been in business since 1885. That’s value, because you know we’ll be around.

What’s more, they’re good looking, too. That never hurts. Our pumps recently won an international award for excellence in modern industrial design.

Vacuum Sealing

Automated Packing

Becker vacuum pumps and compressors are key components in the stamping, folding or cartoning processes of automated packing systems. From pill packaging in the pharmaceutical industry to pick & place applications in electronics manufacturing, to automatic conveyer systems in the confectionary sector: Intelligent controller systems ensure precise doses of vacuum and blast air.

Global manufacturers of packing machines use our technology with confidence in applications requiring short cycle times and failure-free processes.

Vacuum Packaging in Food Industry

The world-wide requirements for fresh food increase on a daily basis. Hence, manufacturers of food-grade packaging systems are required to implement appropriate technologies to ensure that these foods actually arrive on consumer tables while they are still fresh.

Whether it is vacuum packaged meats, sausages and cheese, fresh seafood packed in trays at a “modified atmosphere” or fruit and vegetables stored in a nitrogenous environment: Product-dependent packaging processes ensure that fresh food is available anywhere in the world at any time.

Our vacuum pumps and compressors for oxygenous packaging processes also BAM-certified* allow you to realise food packaging systems with the shortest processing times and guaranteed freshness.

Ask us about our VARIAIR units. VARIAIR is Becker’s Patented Intelligent Variable Speed Technology.

*Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung (German Federal Institute for Materials Testing)

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