Lab Suction and Vacuum

Lab Suction and Vacuum

When you think of Laboratories the first thing that comes to mind would be medical research labs. But there are so many more types of laboratories that have vacuum, including calibration and testing laboratories, applied science and technology laboratories, and chemical manufacturing laboratories.

Each laboratory has its own requirements so taking an off the shelf design is something that would not suit most installations. At Becker Pumps Australia we can size, design and build a system to meet your demands and requirements, all whilst adhering to any of the Australian Standards that may apply to your type of laboratory suction system.

The system shown below is a hybrid laboratory and medical suction system with two tandem pumps system fitted to a single frame and one PLC control box running each system independently. The medical suction system was built to the relevant Australian Standard including medical grade bacterial filters being supplied, as well as an air receiver tank as a balance vessel, whilst the laboratory suction system included a liquid separator.

Each tandem system is piped individually so that the two pumps for each service do not mix, making them independent of each other, yet designing and constructing a single rack mounted system utilising a single PLC saved our client space and costs, and with the system comprising of oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps with variable speed drives fitted, maintenance and running costs have been drastically reduced.

Let Becker Pumps Australia help you design your next laboratory suction system.


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