How Can I Look After The Environment When Selecting My Vacuum Pump

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There is often little thought given to the environment when selecting a vacuum pump.

Common reasons we hear for selecting a particular pump are:

  • This is what was on the machine when I bought it.
  • A friend is doing a similar thing, and this is what they have.
  • The more vacuum, the better.
  • The cheaper, the better.

The main considerations should always be:

  • What vacuum level does my application require?
  • What flow rate does my application require?
  • What environment am I operating in?

Main Considerations for Selecting a Vacuum Pump: Vacuum Level, Flow Rate, and Operating Environment

These considerations will always lead you to selecting the best pump to serve your needs. One of the most common choices to be made in a vast array of applications is the choice between an Oil-Free Rotary Vane Pump or an Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Pump.

The answer lies firstly in the three areas of consideration mentioned above. Typically, an Oil-Free pump can reach vacuum levels up to 150 millibar, whereas an Oil-Sealed pump can reach 1 millibar and beyond. Many people will select an Oil-Sealed pump purely because of its ability to go to higher vacuum levels or because that is what has been used for years. That is all well and good, but if you only require up to 150 millibar, can you then make a choice that suits both your needs and helps the environment?

Technology has seen vast improvement in Oil-Free pumps over the years, and many industries are moving away from Oil-Sealed where the required vacuum levels allow it. With Oil-Sealed pumps, you need to manage oil mist and disposal of used oil. If not done properly, these factors can impact both your work environment and the wider environment. Reducing oil consumption is definitely a healthy outcome for the planet.

Choosing the Best Vacuum Pump to Meet Your Needs and Protect the Environment

Oil-Free pumps are easier to maintain and have less impact on the environment. Before shopping for the right pump for your needs, spend some time getting to know your real requirements. If you are unsure, which many users are, seek some guidance from the experts.

At Becker Pumps Australia, we will always take the time to understand you and your needs to achieve an outcome that is best for you and the environment.

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