How Can I Look After The Environment When Selecting My Vacuum Pump

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There is often little thought given to the environment when selecting a vacuum pump. Common reasons we hear for selecting a particular pump are: The main considerations should always be: Main Considerations for Selecting a Vacuum Pump: Vacuum Level, Flow Rate, and Operating Environment These considerations will always lead you to selecting the best pump […]

Different Types of Vacuum Pumps for Industrial Use

Different Types Of Vacuum Pumps For Industrial Use

Vacuum pumps are used in a huge array of manufacturing processes as creating a vacuum has uses in packaging, bottling, drying, degassing, pick and place to name just a few. Industrial vacuum pumps are used in the processes to speed up, improve and maintain these types of processes. As a result, there are many types […]

Becker Pumps Australia Facts

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Becker Pumps was founded in 1885 and our expertise in our field is second to none.  We have been well established in Australia for over 20 years bringing all Becker’s technology, reliability and innovation in the world of pumps to the Australian and New Zealand market. Becker has actually been represented in Australia a lot […]