Dust Separator

Dust and dirt particles can hardly be avoided during the processing of various materials. But they can quickly affect the performance of your devices. Through the early separation of dust, Becker’s BRD-60 ensures that clean air is available loss-free − and that your vacuum pump, which needs air to operate, functions optimally.

The new cyclonic filter BRD-60 from Becker thus protects your pump in a simple, cost-effective way against premature wear and unnecessary, expensive machine downtimes. You reduce your maintenance costs − through an up to seven times* longer service life of the filter cartridge installed in the pump!

  • Mechanical and maintenance-free − once installed, the BRD-60 performs a constant filtration process throughout the entire service life of the pump; no maintenance or replacement is necessary!
  • Easy to retrofit − available as an accessory for all Becker pumps in the VTLF 2.200 − 2.360 & VXLF 2.200 − VXLF 2.250 model series with a fitted adapter for quick installation! The BRD-60 is connected upstream of the suction-side baffle and vacuum safety valve as a dust separator.


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