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Becker offers a line of high quality vacuum pump oils specifically selected to optimise the performance of your Becker vacuum pump.

These oils have a low vapour pressure and minimal additives, which reduce the sludging that occurs with lower quality oils.

Part Number TypeDescriptionContainer Size
96000900200Becker Lube M100 Standard vacuum pump oil for all U pumps 4 litres
96001600200Becker Lube S100 Increased demands in use with U pumps. 4 litres
96002300200Becker Lube SL100 FoodUsable with foodstuffs for U pumps 4 litres
96000500200Becker Lube M320 DKW, VPF, DVP, L/V 5 litres
96001500200Becker Lube S320 DP98, DP 2.100, DP 2.140 5 litres
96000032200 Becker Lube G90 RV33 5 litres