Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker offers a line of high quality vacuum pump oils specifically selected to optimise the performance of your Becker vacuum pump.

These oils have a low vapour pressure and minimal additives, which reduce the sludging that occurs with lower quality oils.

Part Number Type Description Container Size
96000900200 Becker Lube M100 Standard vacuum pump oil for all U pumps 4 litres
96001600200 Becker Lube S100 Increased demands in use with U pumps. 4 litres
96002300200 Becker Lube SL100 Food Usable with foodstuffs for U pumps 4 litres
96000500200 Becker Lube M320 DKW, VPF, DVP, L/V 5 litres
96001500200 Becker Lube S320 DP98, DP 2.100, DP 2.140 5 litres
96000032200 Becker Lube G90 RV33 5 litres


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