Receivers (Air Tanks)

Practically every industrial building in Australia would have a receiver (also known as an air tank or pressure vessel) installed somewhere in it. Typically these would be used in conjunction with their compressed air system.

The standard role of an air system is to spread energy produced at a single source to different areas of the plant. The air receiver stores air pressure and can deliver it when the compressor is not running (or even whilst the compressor is still running). It also serves as a pulsation damper and moisture trap.

Vacuum receivers act in a similar method, with the exception that they create suction at the point of usage.

Since air has the ability to be significantly compressed, it can be dangerous if released suddenly, especially if the pressure vessel bursts. The regulations for the design and construction of air receivers are therefore very rigorous, and therefore Becker will only sell an air tank that meets and is tested to the Australian Standard AS 1210-1997 Pressure Vessels.

Commonly most small air receivers being used with a single pump will have a platform on top in which to mount the compressor or vacuum pump on to. You might be familiar with these small units which are sold through hardware stores and car shops for the use with air tools. The receivers are normally mounted horizontally.

Air receivers can be installed separately from the vacuum pump or compressor; these are usually bigger in size, and part of a system that can facilitate a lot of equipment. To save floor space, they are usually mounted vertically.

Becker can supply a popular range of Vertical Air Receivers that are specifically intended for use with Industrial Vacuum Pumps and Compressors.

These quality units are manufactured in a factory that is ISO 9001 compliant and they all meet the Australian Standard AS 1210-1997 Pressure Vessels. The manufacturer’s data report is provided in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4458. The tanks are finished with a blue external colour indicating compressed air content in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1345.

OH&S Registered Design approved for workplace use in all Australian States and Territories. They are fitted with industry preferred socket sizes. The reinforced vessel support attachments.

The standard size receivers are stocked in Brisbane and are available for direct shipping to anywhere in Australia. They are individually packed in a horizontal position inside a full timber crate with plastic bag cover.

Alternatively, Becker Pumps Australia can build you a Central Suction System complete with a receiver mounted on a modular rack. Refer to our Central System section by clicking the link on the sidebar.

We can also supply a single pump or compressor mounted directly to a vertical or horizontal receiver. Contact our office for further details.

VR150L 150 1320 390 1700
VR330L 330 1210 490 2210
VR530L 530 1280 640 2140
VR820L 820 1154 780 2215
VR1240L 1,240 1035 975 2213


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