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To reduce possible downtimes of your Becker units to a minimum, we offer you high availability of Becker original spare parts. You can trust Genuine Becker products and service.

Becker Pumps Australia offers spare consumable products and replacement parts including Genuine Becker Vanes, Filters and Gaskets through to Replacement Motors, Fans and Valves and all the way down to Washers, Screw and Pins.


By using original parts you make sure to maintain all the positive characteristics of your pump, even after repair and maintenance works. Furthermore, you minimise your maintenance costs with our original parts, because due to consequential damages cheap replica parts are significantly more expensive in the end. You can find out the benefits of Genuine Becker Vanes by clicking here.

With regard to their compatibility, material characteristics and functionality, only original parts comply with our high standards, because they are designed in line with the construction of the pump. As a result, for all our products and services quality comes first.


If you are not sure what the item is called you can request a parts list for your Becker Pump.

In addition to Genuine Becker Vanes, Becker Pumps Australia can supply you with Intake Filters with Paper Filter Elements (Standard), Polyester Elements, Activated Carbon Coated Filter Material, Bacterial Filters, Absolute Pressure Vacuum Gauges, Vacuum Pump Oil, Change-Over and Non-Return Valves, plus any other item that you might need replacing on your existing Becker Pump or Compressor.

To download a spare parts list for your pump or pumps click on this link.


When it comes to looking after your Becker Pump you should enlist the services of a company trained with the knowledge and expertise of what is best for your Becker Pump. Becker Pumps Australia has workshops and service agents in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide who have been working with Becker Pumps for well over 25 years.

Call us now on 1300 579 177 to organise a service.

Whether for the print and paper industry, for packaging machines, for the environmental technology or electronics: The supply of vacuum, blast air or volume flow is crucial for the availability of production machines and the functionality of processes. With Becker Maintenance Contracts the risk of an unexpected production standstill can be reduced significantly.

Usually once or twice a year our service technicians come to check your vacuum pumps or compressors, and the electronic control units in central air supply systems, for a mutually agreed fixed price. Worn parts will only be replaced if necessary.


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