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Becker for Printing and Paper

Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

From pre-press to printing, from paper finishing to special printing equipment, Becker technology will keep your presses rolling. Our customers have access to an unlimited range of features: diverse range of vacuum pumps and compressors, separate units, customer-specific systems or in central pneumatic systems.

Becker in the Pre-Printing Processes

Becker Vacuum Pumps are used to precisely hold reprographics during exposure or to clamp down printing plates during laser engraving. Of course, they are also used to remove dust throughout the CTP process and they are ideal for gentle handling of printing plates during discharge. Compact, quiet, and with low vibration values, our pumps are the key to maintaining high-definition printing results.

Becker Pneumatic Systems in the Printing Processes

Modern printing processes require high printing speeds and short changeover times. The tried-and-tested VARIAIR System is your ticket to achieving these goals. With this system, the air flow is constantly controlled depending on the current requirements. Thus, there is no longer any need for elaborate and fault-prone valve control systems. It's easy to operate the system from control panel of the printing machine. Of course, it is fully compatible with all of the commercially available bus interfaces.

The VARIAIR System is also available in a direct water-cooled variant. Our new water-cooled vacuum pumps and compressors have been specially developed to prevent the compressors from even generating heat. By eliminating the need for cooling air ducts and circulation fans, the system becomes more compact in size and dust is no longer stirred up around the printing machine.

We also have many single units for simple or small machines. All of these units are 100% oil-free and require very little maintenance. The new EPV series allows you to independently supply up to 4 different pressure levels from a single unit.

Processes that combine excellent reliability with low operating costs are no longer a hoped for development – now its reality!

VARIAIR is Becker's Patented Intelligent Variable Speed Technology.

Becker Pneumatic Systems for Paper Finishing

Once the paper, metal, cardboard or other materials have been printed, this is when the work truly begins: folding, punching, cutting, collating, stapling, laminating, and bookbinding. These processes are found everywhere from envelope manufacture to material feeds for printers to automated mail handling to counting banknotes as well as in cardboard punching and bookbinding.

For all of these post-printing machines and related production processes, we offer ideal vacuum pumps and compressors, or even centralised pneumatic systems for perfectly regulated air flows. As with printing, the following requirements have to be met: maximum performance, minimum maintenance, consistent avoidance of defective products.

Fully Integrated Throughout Entire Process

Next to the air supply system, there are many other components that play a crucial role in guaranteeing high-quality printing results. It should be no surprise, then, to discover many Becker units performing in these capacities as well. For instance, Becker products are used to provide a continuous supply of cool blast air for powder coating applications as well as in compact de-centralised single compressor systems for ionising applications. Of course, our many components are also used in Becker pneumatic supply systems.


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