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In modern medicine, precision, reliability and dependability count, especially when high performance is important and required; day after day. For this reason, more than 2000 clinics worldwide work using Becker vacuum pumps - the reliable pacesetter for central suction units.

Becker has provided a great innovation: 100% oil free vacuum units for many areas of clinical and outpatient treatment. These proven units fulfil the tough requirements of the Australian Standard AS 2896-2011 Medical gas systems - Installation and testing of non-flammable medical gas pipeline systems.

Oil free vacuum pumps for medical technology are a true Becker innovation, which operate with practical virtually maintenance-free dependability. At over 90%, the share of Becker dry-running systems in America are extremely high, and not without good reason: clinics in America are operated strictly according to the "best value for money".

Becker Variair* Units in Medical Technology

Maximise Usefulness, Minimise Operating Expenses. Coupled with integral rotational speed regulation, central suction systems also make energy and operational cost savings possible. The required flow of suction air is equal to the required volume needed for optimal efficiency: no excess, no wasted energy.

The quiet running and continually controlled operation ensure very smooth running of the plant. Since the output of the vacuum pumps can be designed variably, receiver tank sizes can be smaller, and precious space is saved, and even where space is at a premium, the installation is trouble free.

*VARIAIR is Becker's Patented Intelligent Variable Speed Technology.

Benefits of Our Medical Suction Systems

The Becker Medical Suction System

Built to Australian Standard AS 2896

MEETS AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS Each of our systems are designed and built to meet the AS2896-2011 Medical Gas Systems requirements for medical/surgical vacuum systems.
AUSTRALIAN MADE Becker Pumps Australia manufacture the Medical Suctions Systems right here in at our Brisbane Head Office,
CASE STUDIES Please visit our Case Studies page for a list of Medical Suction Systems manufactured by Becker Pumps Australia and installed throughout the country.
SYSTEM SIZING Please visit our System Sizing page for a list of the sizes available and the data sheets.  


Advantage-D System


Most of our pumps use heavy duty high efficiency motors with class-F insulation as standard equipment.
NO VIBRATION Smooth running rotary vane pumps require no special foundations; in fact, a 10 cent coin can be placed on edge on a running pump.
QUIET Rotary operation has no pulsations, and sound reducing technology is built-in, resulting in some of the quietest pumps in the world.

20,000 hour guarantee

AIR COOLED All Becker pumps are air cooled, meaning no water is ever needed for cooling and operation.
NO WATER None of our systems use water for any reason. Water and sewer charges are eliminated and water pollution is never a problem. Furthermore, your dependence on another utility is eliminated.
100% OIL FREE1)

Our systems are 100% oil free; therefore, there is no oil to fill, drain, change, or discard. No oil aerosols are ever present in the discharge air.

1) Oil-Lubricated pumps are available from Becker for greater pressure levels when required.

INLET FILTERS Every system includes inlet filters before each pump to prevent pump damage due to foreign particles.





All functions in every Becker multiplex system are controlled by a PLC. No new EPROM is ever needed when expandingonce programmed, always programmed. If the PLC ever needs replacing, the system can be operated in manual mode.
PRESSURE TRANSDUCER All multiplex systems use a pressure transducer. This keeps the vacuum system operating between two fixed set points as an alternative to systems that use multiple mechanical vacuum switches, each of which has different set points. A transducer provides high accuracy and repeatability.
REDUNDANT TRANSFORMERS While AS2896-1998 requires redundant low voltage reducing devices, not all methods are truly redundant. Ours uses a relay to automatically switch from the failed unit to the backup unit; in addition, we provide an indicator light to warn when the system is operating on the backup transformer (something most other brands do not provide).
RESERVE PUMP ALARM An alarm, which signals when the reserve pump is in operation by a red light and steady 95dBA tone, is optional equipment in our control panel. It can also indicate, with a flashing light, an optional low vacuum, high exhaust filter pressure, high discharge temperature, or other alarm. A push-to-silence button is included. An auxiliary dry contact for remote signalling is standard equipment for the BMS.
LEAD/LAG OPERATION All multiplex systems feature a cascading control system enabling operation of only those pumps necessary to meet demand, thereby saving energy.


AUTOMATIC ALTERNATION The lead/ lag pumps automatically alternate on a first-on first-off basis; this ensures that all pumps share the duty cycle equally. The first pump will not run again until all other pumps in the system run. This extends the life of the pumps and the service interval.
VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES Whether fitted directly to our Variair range of vacuum pumps, or installed in the control box, Becker Pumps Australia uses Variable Speed Drives to ensure constant pressure, reduce your power consumption costs and increase the life of your pump to reduce maintenance costs. This is only available with oil-free vacuum pumps.


EXPANDABLE All systems are expandable and grow as your facility grows, and all expand from duplex (2-pump system) to sextuplex (6-pump system) and all requirements in between. Expansion can be done in about an hour without shutting down the system, and no parts are discarded when expanding. Inexpensive control and pump modules are available from stock. That is something our competitors' tank mounted units cannot do.


MODULAR Our expandable systems are modular, with no section wider than the opening of a standard 92cm doorway on most models. Modules quickly bolt together, and are designed to mix and match to meet specific requirements.

COMPACT Our expandable units have a footprint that is among the smallest of any system on the market, and expand vertically to save valuable space.
CONVENIENT SERVICE POINTS All service points are easily accessible. No dangerous crawling over components is necessary.
SINGLE POINT SERVICE CONNECTIONS Once the unit is placed in position and fastened together, only one inlet, discharge (optional), and electrical connection is required.


BACTERIAL FILTERS Bacterial Filters are fitted to the systems when required and are standard on all systems to meet AS 2896-2011.

Built to Australian Standard AS1210-1989/1997. Smaller tanks can be provided to save space. Using our Variair Units the system can be held at a constant pressure.

Please note: Whilst the new standard (AS 2896-2011) states that receiver tanks are not required when using a Variable Speed (or Frequency) Drive system, Becker recommends that all systems are fitted with one used as a balance vessel to ensure constant pressure is met.

OPTIONAL TANK DRAIN ASSEMBLY An optional manual or automatically operated tank drain assembly is offered. A full receiver bypass is standard, which permits servicing of the receiver without interrupting the vacuum supply. This meets current AS2896-2011 specifications.
VACUUM GAUGE A 100mm diameter kPa gauge is standard. This is a bourdon tube style, stainless steel case with bronze connections.
BLEED VALVES We include inlet bleed valves to vent the vacuum in the inlet line and permit removal of the inlet filter cover for service; something forgotten by most other brands and our Advantage-D systems are self-venting.
MANUALS All Becker Medical Suction Systems come complete with full manuals supplied in a hardcopy and soft copy.  The manual includes the operating and maintenance instructions for the pumps, details about the PLC installed along with the key features it has been programmed to do, and other useful information about all the equipment as installed in your system.


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