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Becker offers a variety of compressors (pressure pumps and blowers) that cover a wide range of operating pressures and open flow air rates. Our range includes Rotary Vane Compressors (with a simple single shaft and direct drive), Screw Compressors, Side Channel Blowers (in both single and double stage models) and Radial Blowers.

We offer 100% Oil Free Compressors which save money on maintenance whilst also saving the environment or Oil Lubricated when an even greater pressure is required. Our 100% Oil Free Compressors and Blowers can be supplied with or without a Variair Unit. Variair is Becker's Patented Intelligent Variable Speed Drive.

Becker Compressors and Blowers can be directly operated by a frequency controlled motor and are therefore matching exactly the user's requirements. The times of complicated and expensive energy wasting air regulation using throttle-valves or by-pass valves are over. The "automation of air" leads to higher production output, expensive make ready times can be dramatically shortened. Learn more about Variair....

Finally, a recent addition to Becker's range is the Series X Oil Free Rotary Vane Compressors which are equipped with completely newly developed vanes which for the first time have a full warranty of at least 20,000 maintenance-free operating hours and a four year warranty to match.

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