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Testimonial From CNC Router User

Posted by Darrell Milton on 24 April 2017

Late in 2016 we helped out a customer who was using another brand of pump and was not happy with it.

A few months after we delivered the pump we received a phone call from him thanking us for helping him. He told us that not only does the pump do everything we said it would, but it goes beyond his expectations.

So we thought we would ask a few questions to see how his experience dealing with Becker Pumps Australia was.

1. How did you find out about Becker Pumps? 

A trade show on another CNC router.

2. Having already had another brand or type of pump on your machine, what problems were you having?

Our previous pump would hard start and trip the power. It would run at full power drawing too much electricity and had to be run with the inlet valve open so it wouldn't over heat.

3. How did Becker Pumps Australia help you?

By supplying us with a more efficient pump in every way.

4. What advice did they give you?

They recommended a variable speed pump with a soft start.

5. How has the performance of your machine improved since installing a Becker pump on your machine?

It has improved dramatically our performance and speed. It has saved us money and time, our power no longer cuts out our range with our router has increased massively.

6. What advice do you have for others?

A pump makes a lot of difference on a router. If you have limited electricity supply like us with a 3 phase converter then this will solve all your problems. Also it'll pay for itself in running costs. Our three phase converter was running on its highest level which was level 8 and now runs from start up all the way through on level 0.

Beajay - Owner - One Printing & Signage


Author: Darrell Milton
About: With over six and a half year's experience with Becker pumps, Darrell heads up the Sydney office looking after New South Wales and the ACT.
Connect via: LinkedIn
Tags: Wood Working

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