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Becker Pumps in Aeration Systems

Posted by Jason Ward on 14 April 2014

Becker Pumps in Aeration Systems 

In a healthy waterbody, there is a dynamic balance between atmospherical oxygen supply, photosynthesis and absorbtion and mineralisation of organic matter. In a polluted lake, this dynamic balance is shifted. To keep the habitat alive, the waterbody needs more oxygen. To protect the waterbody, oxygen supply has to be increased. 

With the help of aeration sytems, you can increase the oxygen concentration in shallow lakes, ponds, streams and sewers. While swimming on the water surface, the aerator dispenses oxygen by circulating the water through blowing air in.

It is important to understand the pressure required to create the bubbles this is 100mbar per meter of water at a specific gravity of 1 

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Author: Jason Ward
Tags: Medical Becker Pumps

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