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Awisa 2014

Posted by Jason Ward on 15 July 2014
Awisa 2014


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Becker Pumps Australia will be exhibiting at AWISA 6-9 August 2014,

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre We can help to minimise your maintenance costs with the X-Series vacuum pumps providing 20,000 hour guaranteed vane life. Visit us at Stand 4414...and we'll show you how!

Now, the world’s most popular vacuum pump for the woodworking industry is available in a package specifically designed to meet the market’s changing needs. Becker has responded to those needs with a new vacuum pump package specifically designed for faster cutting speeds, spoil board applications, and shorter changeover, due to its flexibility. Becker’s proven 100% Oil-free vacuum pumps remain the most popular choice among the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC routing machinery. Oil-free pumps require no water or oil for operation which means that they are the most maintenance-free pumps available.
The new Systems can be operated incrementally to match your production demand. This means that you only run the necessary pumps, thus saving precious energy and reducing operating costs.

The two pump system incorporates two Becker 7.5kW oil-free vacuum pumps in a vertically stacked configuration. Each pump includes its own inlet filtration and is connected to a common manifold with an additional high capacity inlet filter. What’s more, an optional additional inlet dust trap that incorporates a fine screen to remove larger particles is offered to help prevent clogging of the standard inlet filters. A transparent housing makes it easy to determine when to clean the dust trap.
In the event of filter failure, Becker pumps can be serviced by nearly anyone using standard tools. The pump can be easily opened and debris blown out. If necessary, the vanes can be changed in a few minutes.

No other pump of its size is so easy to service or rebuild. No special tools or training are required, and there is no oil or water to drain, clean up, or dispose. To make installation easy, a single inlet connection is provided, which simplifies installation. Each pump can be isolated from the manifold for service without affecting the operation of the other pump.
A total of 500m3/h (15kW) is available, if needed, for your process, and a vacuum of down to 100mbar absolute provides for plenty of hold-down force over the surface area.

For those operations where even greater capacity and control are needed, Becker offers an identical package in a Triplex configuration, providing capacity up to 750m3/h (22.5kW).
Becker offers several electrical controls options, including manually operated starters mounted on the motors; a single base-mounted panel that permits remote start and stop, which can be integrated with your controls; or, custom designed controls for automatic start/stop operation.

Safe and reliable clamping of work pieces is the main requirement for precise handling. To achieve best possible holding powers the exact relation of clamping surface and vacuum as well as leakage is crucial. At any time, products of the VARIAIR range are only producing as much vacuum as is actually needed at each point in time, and therefore energy costs are kept to a minimum. Costly accessories and dust sensitive vacuum relief valves are not necessary. The pumps are protected fully electronically and the power range is improved significantly. Due to integrated frequency inverters also the connection to the control unit of the processing machine becomes possible, and the vacuum pumps can be operated easily directly via the control panel of the machine.

Author: Jason Ward
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