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3 Easy Tips To Increase the Life of Your Vacuum Pump

Posted by Darrell Milton on 1 November 2016
3 Easy Tips To Increase the Life of Your Vacuum Pump

You service your car regularly... so why not your vacuum pump?

When you carry out preventative maintenance on any piece of machinery the goal is to avoid the consequences of failure of the equipment. And with any of the Becker KVT or VTLF models of vacuum pumps, there are three important steps to ensure that your pumps stays in top working condition reducing the likelihood of it failing when you need it most.

Check, Clean and Regularly Change Your Filters

Every oil-free vacuum pump by Becker includes internal filters. Whether you have one of the small VT series, the mid sized KVT series, or the large VTLF series of vacuum pumps, there will be filter inside the pump. You might also have an external filter housing fitted which you clean and replace regularly, but the internal filter is often missed. This should be cleaned and replaced regularly too.

If you don't know where your internal filter is on your pump, please contact us on 1300 579 177 and we can help you out.

(VTLF Series 2 model filter cleaning instructions shown below).

Check Your Vanes

Whilst the composite carbon vanes in any Becker oil-free vacuum pump is far superior lasting longer than any other oil-free vanes pump's on the market, the fact is, vanes will wear. It's the nature of material used in an oil-free pump.

Over time the vanes will scallop on one side and the width of the vane will decrease as it rubs against the inside of the pump cavity. Checking the condition of all the vanes at the recommended schedule and replacing them before they break will ensure that your pump will always be ready to go when you need it, and that shattered vanes will not get stuck in the impeller or cause problems for the pump shaft and bearings.

(All of the VTLF Series 2 models are shown below as well as the KVT 3.100 vacuum pump. A maintenance sticker should be on your pump showing the measurements of the vanes for your pump model. Contact us on 1300 579 177 if you need assistance with your pump model).

Grease Your Bearings

Oil-free means that the pump doesn't use oil, but that doesn't mean that the bearings do not need grease.

Greasing your bearings every 2000 to 3000 hours depending on the pump, and depending on your usage will ensure that your bearing stay well lubricated and they will last a very long time.

Please ensure that you only use the grease approved by Becker and that you dispense the grease into the grease nipples using the grease gun.

Whether it's a brand new pump supplied by Becker or with a pump that is supplied with your CNC machine, each pump comes with a easy to use grease gun. If you have run out, if yours is misplaced, or it's been that long since you bought your pump you don't know whether you got one or not, we have a special offer saving you over 40% off of the supply of our grease guns with free delivery thrown in. See below.

Detailed Parts Lists and Manuals

For a more detailed version of the operation and maintenance manual and the spare parts list to suit your pumps, please contact us on 1300 579 177 or fill in the form on our contact us page.

Author: Darrell Milton
About: With over six and a half year's experience with Becker pumps, Darrell heads up the Sydney office looking after New South Wales and the ACT.
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