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We offer a selection of useful accessories such as Sound Proof Boxes, Pressure Gauges, Filters, Separators, Silencers, Change-Over Valves, Non-Return Valves, Vacuum Pump Oil, Grease Guns, Vertical Receivers (air tanks) as well as many other items to enhance your Becker experience.


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External Filters

Becker offers a range of External Filter Housings to protect your Vacuum Pump. For internal filters please visit the downloads page to find the filter that suits your Becker pump.


VLS separators, VLSP PVC liquid separators, WDS Separator

Medical Bacterial Filters

Features:??? bacteria filtration rate 0.0001 %, ball valve, drain flask (250ml) - version FM...DP with pressure differential gauge - version FM...DPM with pressure differential gauge and integrated membrane for increased protection against contamination

Vacuum Pump Oil

Becker offers a line of high quality vacuum pump oils specifically selected to optimize the performance of your Becker vacuum pump.


For the bearing rollers in Becker vacuum pumps and compressors, Becker Pumps Australia can supply you with a grease that is designed for high temperatures.


Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

Becker Pumps Australia can provide pressure gauges along with your purchase of a vacuum pump or compressor from us. Alternatively, if you require pressure gauges for existing pumps or compressors, a replacement, or a brand new gauge for another application we can help you out.

Sound Proof Boxes

While Becker pumps have a reputation for quiet operation, there are times when even that is not enough. We offer engineered sound reducing enclosures that reduce sound levels by up to 18 dBA. Precise airflow is critical to a dry pump's operation. You can't just stick a pump in a box and expect it to survive for long. Becker has engineered each enclosure to ensure that proper airflow is maintained for all parts of the pump and motor.



Receivers (Air Tanks)

Becker can supply a popular range of Vertical Air Receivers that are specifically intended for use with Industrial Vacuum Pumps and Compressors.  These can be supplied in both Horizontal and Vertical mountings.

Change-Over Valves

For Side Channel Blowers and Side Channel Vacuum Pumps

Non-Return Valves

The non return valves prevent return flow to the unit for example when it is idle in vacuum or pressure mode.  Ideally it should be installed horizontally in pressure mode, horizontally or vertically in vacuum mode.








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